The Student Loan Doctor LLC, created in 2016, is a full service coaching business with ONE goal: to help clients create a plan and understand how to pay off their student loan debt!

Sonia Lewis, CEO of The Student Loan Doctor LLC has created the ultimate guide to repaying your student loans! Through Sonia’s passion for personal finance, she empowers people to tackle their student loan debt. Sonia has over 7 years of higher education and financial aid experience ranging from her professional endeavors and as a doctoral candidate of education.

The Student Loan Doctor LLC is a company that is passionate about helping others create a plan to pay down and resolve their federal and private student loan debt.

Services include: Coaching to help with planning for repayment, loan rehabilitation, consolidation, refinancing, become student loan ready for the home buying process, monthly budgeting, planning for college or graduate school and loan forgiveness.

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